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All enquiries should be made via email. Please email sales@strategicinvestment.co.uk. We will respond within 5 days, usually quicker.


If any domains that our customers have registered are engaged in any form of abuse, illegal conduct, electronic spam (junk email), or any other illegal activities or activities that breach the Nominet UK domain space terms of use, please report this to sales@strategicinvestment.co.uk so we deal with the issue.


If you have any complaint about our service as a domain registrar the first port of call is to send us an email to sales@strategicinvestment.co.uk making it clear the email is a complaint. We will then try to rectify the problem as speedily as we can. If within 7 days of our initial response, or if we have not responded 14 days of your email, you have no received a adequate resolution to your problem please serve notice that you are escalating to a stage 2 complaint either via email, or via post to the address on this page. If we still do not deal with your complaint adequately you can contact outside bodies. The registry for the UK namespace, Nominet, is likely to be the best party to deal with domain related complaints, but you may also consider other avenues such as Citizens Advise Bureau, etc.

Domain registration Terms and Conditions:

To register a domain with us you must agree to only use your domain for purposes that are legal in the United Kingdom, and which are allowed by Nominet. You must pay within a reasonable amount of time any monies owed for renewal or registration, or risk the potential of losing your domain due to expiry for non-payment. We reserve the right to follow up on debts owed using debt collection agencies and the courts, among other remedies. We have strict anti-spam policies, and therefore you must not use any domain registered with us for junk mailings.

You must read, comply with and agree with Nominet's Terms and Conditions to register a domain with us. You can find these here.

Before registration or renewal you must agree to these terms in writing via email.

You are free to transfer to any other domain registrar that is accredited by Nominet and accepts transfers at any time, just get in touch to do so.

Our commitment to contacting you We will contact you at least 3 months prior to your domain expiring by email to inform you of the impending expiry. We issue further communication 30 days prior to expiry, and again closer to the date of expiry within those 30 days. Will will email you no later than 30 days after expiry to tell you this event has occurred.


· What you charge for the domain-name related services you provide;
£15.00 including VAT for 2 years domain registration or renewal per domain.

· How you deal with expired and expiring domain name registrations;
We email you several times, as outlined above, prior to domain expiry. Upon expiry if you do not contact us to renew domains will eventually be suspended and deleted by Nominet. You can stop this process either directly with Nominet or by renewing with us.

· How Your Customer can renew a domain name and the basis on which Your Customer will be charged for maintaining their registration of a domain name;

You will be charged at the same rate as registration for renewal, which is £15.00 including VAT for two years per domain. You can renew by getting in touch with us via email at any time, for instance by reply to our email telling you your domain will expire soon.

· What charges, if any, you make where Your Customer is transferring their domain names to a new Registrar, or is otherwise terminating their contract with you.

No charge for doing this. Just email us and we will transfer or delete your domain, depending on your wishes. If you need to transfer to a third party you may be liable for Nominet fees and will need to pay these directly with Nominet using their transfer of registrant process.